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Lucerne Foods, get your act together already!

It’s already confusing enough to me that “butter” in the US is actually salted and what should really be called “butter” is called “unsalted butter”.

It’s not like butter is naturally salted and you have to remove salt from it to make “unsalted butter”. Salt is added to butter to make it salted butter. So the current names defy logic.

But that’s not all. To make matters worse, Lucerne’s unsalted butter sticks come in a blue wrapper packaged in green cartons, whlie its salted butter (a.k.a. “butter”) sticks come in a red wrapper in blue cartons! Now, if that’s not madness, what is it??

Seriously, how hard is it to have matching colors??

Given the absurd but unrelenting resistance against abandoning the Imperial system in favor of the Metric system despite all the good reasons to do so, I don’t expect the US to adopt the right names for the butter but at least Lucerne could sort out its packaging and making it easier on us. 🙂



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