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The cost of wifi and wifi security (continued)

Just to clarify my post on the cost of wifi and wifi security, I’m not advising anyone to turn security off just because it may significantly be slowing their connection. For one thing, I didn’t.

Just like the old saying “safety first” goes, “security first” ought to prevail here. Indeed, there are several reasons for which you should bare the cost of security and keep it on no matter what.

If you need more speed, like I do for my media center, the solution for now is to use a cable and avoid wifi altogether. For a media center it’s not so bad given that I don’t really need to move it around, it’s just that there already are so many cables, one fewer would have been nice…

In the future, the upcoming 802.11n wifi standard should alleviate that problem by providing faster speed all around. You can actually already get products that support draft versions of the spec but I prefer waiting for the technology to stabilize.

The intent of my post was merely to highlight something that doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage on the web and which I think people should be aware of.

Also, I should note that both devices – the router and your computer – play a role in this. So, the loss in speed doesn’t necessarily only come from the router. The wifi card in your computer may be just as guilty. To figure this out you’d have to make tests with different computers, which I haven’t done (yet).


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